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The AICAP Digital Tribal Art Quartery Since 1989

Blood Quantum, Fake Indians,
and other Fantasies of a Racist Culture:
Issue Number 38 || Summer 2007
An AICAP policy document addressing one of the most important issues between tribal and modern cultures.
the eXpatriot: .
Issue 35,Summer 2005.
Sacred Fire goes out into the world. The new official home of the world journey; Pantelleria.
The Daughter of the Wind
Issue 34, Winter 2005.
YRNM. An ancient garden in the Mediteranian Sea hosts the world journey of the sacred fire.
The Morning Fire: Notes on a sacred space.
Issue 33, Spring 2004.
The first in a series of commentaries on the details and history of the rituals and teachings of the sacred fire.
Mystery Life Portfolio (Part 1)
Issue 32, Winter 2004
A visual tour of the smoke, dreams, lines and colors of the ceremonial life of one tribal artist.
Dreaming on the Belly of the Earth. |BUY|
(Dreaming on the Belly of the Earth)
Issue 31, Fall 2003
A tribal ritual of dreaming practices in the New Mexico desert. 800k. 26 pages.

Teaching Stories

Buffalo Robe and the Internet Turtle.
A story about the very early Internet. It involves raising money over an internet newsgroup to gift a tribal elder a Buffalo Robe. 35 pages. 1.1 mb
Internet Turtle and the Sword of Heaven.
text version. Describes a series of 4 sacred ceremonies involving the Sacred Pipe and a Sacred Sword being used in a Shinto World Ritual for peace.110 Pages. 1 mb
Stories of the Sacred Pipe
(Issue 24, Fall 2001)

Parts One and Two. Summer 2001. 38 pages lavishly illustrated. 1.5 megabytes

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