Blood Quantum
Imaginary Indians
and Plastic Shamans

Issue Number 38
American Indian Digital Tribal Arts Quarterly
Since 1986

These days when it comes up that you are an "Indian", they also ask you, inevitably if you are a "shaman". Yet another stereotypical and misdirected force which creates yet more burdens for the actual voice of real American Indian people.

Who are the Indians? What is a fake Indian? What does "enrolled" Indian mean and what about unenrolled Indians?

90 pages. Illustrated with original and historic art. One Megabyte (01 mb). 9 x 6 inches. 300 dpi. Color.

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Now some tribes are UN-ENROLLING proven tribal members in feuds and greed over who gets Indian gaming (casino) money. One tribe recently ejected from its enrollment a family of 90 people. They did this even though an anthropologist that they haired in fact proved the family was of that tribe and of those people...dis enrollment of proven tribal people to get more money from gaming, an entirely new spin on this troubled issue. This news comes from a tribe in California.

If a tribe takes away your enrollment, there is no appeal since this is part of the "sovereign" rights of tribes.

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