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Sacred Pipe || The Original Instructions

Sweat Lodge || Purification and Revelations

Eagle Feather || Contract with the Mystery Life

Dreaming || Notebook from the ancient future.

PipeStone || Carving the Sacred

Drum || Mistikwaskik

Sacred Fire || Nawishkote Nikan

Racism, Plastic Shamans, Tribal Accusations || Barking Dog News

Pantelleria || Daughter of the Wind, Home of the World Journey

Who Pays For the Sacred || Honest people do not work for free. (BLOG article)

(Free) Taos Pueblo || An endangered and troubled Native American treasure

Honoring Our Elders || Profiles of American Indian teachers.

Turtle Heart || Ojibway Artist || Public Profile

Knol is a wiki-inspired library of collaborative and private articles on the history and ideas of the entire world. Unlike Wikipedia, it allows for copyrighted and controlled content. AICAP has moved our Digital Tribal Arts Quarterly Library to the Google sponsored Knol Library system.
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Blogs by Turtle Heart ||

World Journey of the Four Directions Unity Bundle

Pantelleria || Daughter of the Wind

TurtleTech || Commentary and reviews on technology.

Tribal Honors Gallery ||
Encounters with exceptional
tribal artists

Linda Aguilar ||
Chumash Treasures of basket weaving