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Pantelleria Screen Saver: 72 original photographs by Turtle Heart of the island of Pantelleria. Pantelleria is a unique space and culture. We live in ancient stones houses amidst a garden of volcanoes and grapes. Pantelleria is a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea.

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ZIP file, 10 megabytes

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American Indian screen saver
Ancient Roots of the Sacred Tree (Part 1)

88 original paintings from historical sources. This art screensaver is the result of one year of work and planning. Each slide is really a digital version of an original oil painting, all but 3 of them by Ojibway Artist Turtle Heart.

The main theme of this work are a series of Petroglyphs, or painted and scratched rock art. Their age is ancient. They are generally from the southwest and include some very rare cave paintings from Southern California.

I think each slide in the screen saver is a unique work of art and a meditation on the spirit and lives of the most ancient of the Indians of America. A unique American Indian Screen Saver.

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17 megabytes ZIP file.

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17 megabytes ZIP file

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